Carson City Republican Party Terminates Membership of Assemb


[from 2016] Carson City Republican Party Terminates Membership of Assemblyman PK O’Neill

Carson City Republican Party Terminates Membership of Assemblyman PK O’Neill

Submitted by Carson Now Reader on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 8:48am

By Roger Haynes, CCRP Chairman

Tuesday the Executive Board voted to remove Assemblyman PK O’Neill from the Carson City Republican Party. There has been much press and he has a very good writer who accentuates his few highly selective non-controversial votes while in the legislature and ignores the bulk of his decisions. Obviously our action is not due to his non-challenging votes but rather his many dubious ones. He does not acknowledge his campaign promises. He does not discuss attending a CCRP meeting at which he asked for our direction on this tax issue. Our feedback was consistent with 80% of his constituents who voted NO less than a year previously to a new gross receipts tax. Clearly we are not the radicals as he claims.

His vote for the largest tax increase in Nevada history (30 out of 32 votes according to one source) was not courageous and right as he claims. In my opinion, courageous would have been to remove the very expensive and intrusive data collection system–part of Common Core, collecting 500 data points on your child and sharing that info with undisclosed persons and businesses–while remaining true to Republican principles. That would have funded the schools (and more) handsomely without a tax increase. This is just my suggestion for tax savings. What alternatives did he pursue in lieu of increasing taxes? In our conversations he dismissed offhand the alternative budge proposal for cost cutting being circulated at that time.

Mr. O’Neill does have the opportunity to appeal this action by coming before the entire body at tonight’s 7PM General Membership meeting at the Silver State Performing Arts enter, 900 Mallory Way. He has given no indication that he will attend.

Roger Haynes, Chairman

Carson City Republican Party

A public response to Assemblyman PK O’Neill:

In your response to the challenge issued to you to defend your voting record you’ve made several allegations that are either false, fatuous, or both. You claim the Carson City Republican Party expects you to blindly follow our “lines” (whatever that means) and refer to the party leadership as ideologues. You also refer to us as the “good ‘ol boy’s network”. Our party platform contains two dozen principles that you found good enough to campaign on. Why do you feel so comfortable denouncing those same principles now?

It’s time to lay out the facts and let the voters of Carson City know who the real extremists are. When you were endorsed and in your campaign literature you agreed not to raise taxes. In the very same election which elevated you to represent our district, the voters decided by 4 to 1 NOT to implement the gross margins tax. So who’s the extremist: those who seek ti preserve the will of a supermajority of NV voters or those who seek to surreptitiously undermine the will of the people?

You wish to claim credit for passing non-controversial legislation for veterans. Who exactly is opposed to better treatment for veterans? Certainly not the Republican Party! It’s not indicative of leadership to vote for unopposed legislation. The bills of which you’re so proud are endorsed by those very same voters you now call extremist. Meanwhile the record of which you are so boastful is being undermined by the governor at this very moment. Is it your pride that prevents you from explaining your votes to your constituents? Is it pride that prevents you from standing up for those soccer moms and das when their school choices are eliminated? Is it your pride you cling to when you consider what might have been accomplished in your first session if you’d supported parental notification? Apparently you consider it an extreme position to hold you accountable for your actions in the legislature and subsequent inertia while the voters wait for the recovery you speak so glowingly about. No one asked you to apologize. We want a sensible explanation (no spin please) as to why you violated your word. You refuse t engage in any discussion with the party you claim to represent.

The tax bill you so eagerly support belies your claim to be working for Nevada’s future. If the bill really did that, why do you continually vote to grant exemptions and tax breaks for companies to re-locate here? All you’ve done is burden the existing business community with greater expenses while opening the door to lobbyists eager to fill compliant politicians’ coffers in return for favors to be named later. How can you claim to represent the people of Carson when over 60% of your current campaign contributions ($35,000) comes from Las Vegas Casinos per your own Contributions and Expenses Report? That’s practically the definition of crony capitalism and you certainly seem well-positioned to benefit from that system.

Your obtuse assertion that the Governor is the “true leader” of the party ignores the fact that he makes no effort to contact or associate with the Republican Party. He does not and will not, meet, call, attend or promote any party functions at the state level or in Carson City. He’s the only local politician better than you at avoiding the voters he claims to lead.

You rightly claim it is an honor to represent Carson City in the State Assembly. Unfortunately you betrayed that honor in a most despicable fashion by voting for the largest tax increase in NV history and compounding that disgrace by granting exemptions from the tax to whomever is deemed worthy by your true masters, the good ol’ boys from Las Vegas. You may claim that you were just doing your job but hiding from your constituents prior to the vote indicates you were actually embarrassed at the prospect of betraying your constituents. That is an act of cowardice, not courage.

Carson City Republican Executive Board

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